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Your Uptown Destination

Discover your uptown destination at The Steel District! We have shops, restaurants, coffee shops, a boutique hotel and convention center, office tower, living options, outdoor spaces and nearby attractions including The Lloyd LandingLevitt at The Falls and Jacobson Plaza.

The Steel District Overview

Office tower with offices on and restaurants and retail on the first floor

Parking ramp wrapped in condos, lofts and first-floor retail sapce. 

Canopy Hotel and Convention center with restaurants

steel district map.png


The Steel District is a riverfront destination designed for Sioux Falls residents and guests with select retail, entertainment, and hospitality catered for their adventurous lifestyles. 

Balance  |  Discovery  |  Connection  |  Culture


We've curated the right mix of business and activity in order to offer a high-quality experience and a healthy balance for our guests.


We encourage people to try new things - we look to surprise and delight.

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We're an extension of all the great things Sioux Falls has to offer. We are a new destination on the river in the city that has something for everyone.


We've got it in spades. Bring on the art, music, food, entertainment, outdoors, and fun.

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